Ceramic Sculptor Resource Page

Ceramic sculpture has its own unique kiln requirements. Ease of loading and slow firing speeds are critical.

Design and Choice


  • Loading a large and heavy sculpture is a challenge under the best of conditions
  • It is easy to damage the side of the kiln or your sculpture, no matter how careful you are
  • That can really take its toll on the soft firebrick grooves that typical kilns have
  • That's when you need L&L's hard element holders - they protect the delicate firebrick from loading damage

The Best Warranty

  • L&L kilns feature a three-year warranty
  • L&L has the best warranty in the kiln business
  • Our durability and quality control make this possible

Save money on repairs

  • Repairs are less frequent because of the durable ceramic element holders
  • You or your students or kiln tech can do your own repairs - easily - and save money that can be put to much better uses
  • With Video-based web support, our extensive Knowledgebase, email and phone support, we are here to help
  • You will save on their Total Cost of Ownership

Sophisticated controls

  • The DynaTrol's Vary-Fire programming section allows you to slow down the firing to as little as one Degree per minute.
  • You can bake out a massive piece in Candling mode for up to 99 hours
  • The DynaTrol control can easily be used for all kinds of other needs
  • The zone control built in ensures even heating even with uneven sculptures

Priced competitively

  • L&L Kilns give you more for your money
  • Better warranty, ceramic element holders, stronger stands, more serviceable control panels and much more


  • Most L&L kilns are tested and certified to UL499 by MET (A Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory)

Typical Applications

Craft Ceramics

Ceramic sculpture presents unique loading and firing challenges.

Recommended Kilns

Large Heavy-Duty Front-Loading Kilns. Includes 4-1/2" K25 arched roof, door elements, and 5" of multi-layered insulation. Multi-Zone DynaTrol. Cone 10.
Jupiter Kilns that pull apart for easy loading of sculpture
Bell-Lift Production Kilns
100 cubic feet Bell Lift Kilns for Industry. Cone 10.