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Priced competitively

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  • We operate a lean just-in-time manufacturing system
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Widest variety of kilns

Pick the right control

  • L&L has a variety of control options
  • The DynaTrol with zone control is our most popular because of its range of sophisticated programming capabilities and zone control
  • The One-Touch™ Intuitive control is great for teachers and hobbyists


  • This is important to anyone who cares about money

Easy to install

  • L&L kilns come with excellent instructions
  • Our new web-based support system will make it even easier for your customers to take care of their important needs on their own schedule

Easy and quick to service

  • Repairs are less frequent and when they are necessary L&L kilns are specifically designed to make it easy for your customers with no prior training in kiln repair to do the job
  • Not only is our web support the best anywhere but are entire organization is dedicated to customer support and service - all with years of experience
  • If your customer prefers that you do the service - well you can count on much less time to do the job

The best warranty

  • Our standard warranty is three years
  • The new School-Master kiln has a special five-year warranty with the ability to buy an extended warranty
  • We can do this because our products last - and that is comforting to your customers

Typical Applications

Craft Ceramics

China paints are widely used because of their low firing temperature and vast color spectrum. It is typically used as a way to paint pictures on glazed ceramics.
High fire ceramic range
Majolica is a decorated tin-glazed earthenware, low fired and decorated over an opaque tin oxide glaze.
A luster is a metallic based decoration characterized by their iridescent sheen and varying color shades of soft metallic-like hues.
Low-Fire Ceramics is typically fired below about 2000°F (1100°C).
Ceramic sculpture presents unique loading and firing challenges.
The market for hand-made art tiles is increasing.
Cone 5-6 is becoming more and more popular in the ceramic world.
Many artists choose to fire only once per cycle, bisqueing and glazing in the same firing.
L&L makes a very special kiln series just for crystalline glaze ceramics
The Bisque process hardens the ware making it easier to handle without breaking during the glazing process.

Craft Glass

Glass fusing fuses or joins to pieces of glass together.
Glass slumping can be done in any of our kiln series.

Recommended Kilns

The L&L Flagship Kiln: Six popular Easy-Fire models. Multi-Zone control. Sectional. Easy maintenance. Sizes from 2.5 to 10.2 cubic feet. Most models and voltages are Cone 10.
School-Master kilns are designed specifically for K-12 schools with a Five-Year Warranty. One-touch simple control. Sectional. Graded elements. Cone 6 but with plenty of power for long life.
The ideally sized Fuego Craft Kiln reaches Cone 10 with power to spare on a 240 volt 20 amp circuit. Includes simple One-Touch™ program control.
The perfect hobby kiln with a 12 foot long 30 amp cord for plugging into a dryer outlet. One-Touch Simple Control. Cone 10.
High Power Production version of Easy-Fire Series with "Quad" element design. Multi-Zone Control. Sectional. Easy Maintenance. Sizes From 6.7 To 10.2 Cubic Feet. Cone 10.
A Special Design Just for Crystalline Glaze. Cone 12. Multi-Zone COntrol. Type S Thermocouples. K25 firebrick. Quad elements.
Small Kiln for Hobby Use and Glaze Testing. One-Touch or DynaTrol program controls. Various voltages and amp ratings.
Affordable front-loading kilns with professional features like an 4-1/2" K25 arched roof, door elements, cooling vent and 5" of multi-layered insulation. Multi-Zone DynaTrol. Cone 10.
Large Heavy-Duty Front-Loading Kilns. Includes 4-1/2" K25 arched roof, door elements, and 5" of multi-layered insulation. Multi-Zone DynaTrol. Cone 10.
Customizable Automatic Zoned Top-Loading Kilns - up to 45" tall. Multi-Zone control. Sectional with plug in control panel. Easy maintenance. Sizes from 2.6 to 17 cubic feet. Most models and voltages are Cone 10.
Jupiter Kilns that pull apart for easy loading of sculpture
Affordable Square Top Loading Kilns. Multi-Zone Control. Sectional. Easy Maintenance. Sizes From 5 to 8.1 Cubic Feet. Cone 10 for all voltages on e2318-XT and all voltage on e2327-XT except 208 volts, single phase which is Cone 5
Large Square and Rectangular Production kilns. Multi-Zone Control. Floor-standing panel. Spring-loaded hinge. Sectional. Easy Maintenance. Sizes From 5 To 34.5 Cubic Feet. Cone 10.
Bell-Lift Production Kilns
100 cubic feet Bell Lift Kilns for Industry. Cone 10.