Genesis Touch Screen Control

9th Generation Bartlett Control

The new Genesis control from Bartlett includes a touch screen interface and WIFI connectivity added to the proven software of the DynaTrol. 

Genesis control screen


  • Touch-screen technology for the user interface
  • Easy-to-follow screen descriptions
  • Different user-interface levels, which can be set to match the user’s firing knowledge
  • Graphical display of the firing process right at the controller. This means you can graph the firing in real time and compare the program with actual results.
  • Glass programs included.
  • Store up to 12 custom user programs
  • Up to 32 segments per program
  • Ability to make adjustment during a firing such as add segments, add temperature, and skip segments
  • Built in diagnostics testing for use with a current sensor
  • Alarm
  • Error Codes
  • WiFi enabled for easy software updating. (Note KISS software is not needed for this to work). This works by connecting through a local WiFi connection to the Bartlett servers and downloading the latest software. It is very easy to do and requires no more than setting up your WiFi connection and pressing a few buttons.
  • Compatible with KISS computer interface

Video Overview from Bartlett

Phone Add Now Available

Monitor your Bartlett Genesis controller with the Kiln Aid Phone app. Simply download the Kiln Aid phone app from your Android Play Store or Apple App Store, add your kiln, and begin monitoring as your kiln progresses through a firing. See these instructions on how to create an account.

Instruction Manual

Click here to get the complete instruction manual

Note: Current Software Version is 3.15.0.

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Genesis Touch Screen Control

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Genesis Touch Screen Control Option N-G-GENS/OP $130.00