Solid Wide-View Peephole Plugs

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Wide View into Kiln

  • Peepholes are a full 1" in diameter with a non-tapered hole.
  • This allows for an unusually wide viewing area in the kiln.

Peephole plug is straight and solid ceramic


  • The end of the peephole features a heat-lock head with helps seal up the peephole.

Heat lock plug

Solid and Strong

  • All L&L Kilns feature these solid ceramic peephole plugs.
  • They are much stronger and heavier-duty than the typical hollow slip-cast peephole plugs you find on many competitors' kilns.
  • Although they can break it is much less likely with these plugs.

Less Chance of Breakage

  • Because the straight peephole plug is parallel to the floor there is much less chance of it falling out of the peephole and breaking on the ground.

Extra Images

Solid Wide-View Peephole Plugs
Solid Wide-View Peephole Plugs