Thermal Ceramics Firebrick

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Most L&L Kilns use Thermal Ceramics K23 brick. These special firebricks are highly insulating and lightweight. We use the best available grade of brick.

Premium Insulation calibrated for each product

Bricks and Slabs are Machined to fit properly

  • L&L developed precision machinery with diamond tooling many years ago to route and cut each side brick for a proper fit.
  • In addition tops and bottoms are run through a belt sander to provide a consistant even finish.
  • All top, bottom, and side bricks are coated with our proprietary brick coating to seal the natural pores on the surface.

Special Applications Use K25 2500°F Firebrick

  • JH series and some custom kilns use the higher temperature K25 brick. This is not as energy efficient but is mechanically stronger and withstands more abuse, especially at very high temperatures. It is perfect for the special purpose JH kilns because quicker cooling is required to freeze crystals.
  • K25 arch brick is used in the Hercules and Easy-Load Front-Loading kilns. We do this because the K25 resists spalling better which is important on an arch.