Pyrocil Metal Sheathed Industrial Thermocouples

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Where they are used

  • The industrial metal sheathed Type K thermocouples are available by special order.
  • They are not as long lasting as our standard 8 gauge thermocouple when it is protected by the industrial mulllite protection tube.
  • However, they do offer greater sensitivity to temperature change and so may be appropriate in applications that are below about 2200°F and require sensitivity (glass is a good example).
  • Note that our standard 8 Gauge thermocouples with ceramic protection tubes use a +18 Deg F thermocouple offset which is programmed into the DynaTrol or One-Touch control. If you use these Pyrocil sheathed thermocouples start with a thermocouple offset of zero.

Technical details

  • L&L provides these thermocouples with a 1/4” diameter sheath. These will last longer than the smaller 1/8” diameter thermocouples that some manufactures use. We use a high quality ceramic terminal block on the end. They are 6-1/2" long.
  • From our own extensive testing we found that this particular metal sheathing performed best of the available materials on the market under repeated Cone 10 firings.


NOTE: Price of upgrade is per each thermocouple. There are three thermocouples on a three zone kiln and two on a two zone kiln.

Accessories Details