Proprietary Reflective Coating Hardens & Seals Brick

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Standard on all L&L Kilns

  • We coat our firebrick with a proprietary reflective ceramic coating which penetrates, binds, and hardens the surface of the entire interior of the kiln.

Reduces brick dusting

  • Our coating promotes a clean interior of the kiln.

Makes Kiln Interior Durable

  • It increases brick life by reducing chipping and spalling.
  • Durability of the interior liner is the main benefit of this great coating.

Better than Cement Coating

  • Some other kilns have a cement coating on the lids. If done right this can work to keep the lid from dusting although it does nothing for the sides or bottom.
  • Also brick cement expands with heat at a slightly different rate than the brick. That can lead to cracking of the cement coating, especially when firing to high temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

  • Our coating increases operating efficiency and uniformity by reflecting heat back into the kiln.