One-Touch Control

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Can't Change Options on One-Touch Control

Sometimes when you press the Bisque or Glaze button on the One-Touch control you are not able to change the options. The control does nothing.

Electrical Supply Problems and slow kiln performance

One of the most difficult kiln performance problems to address is a problem with the electrical supply to the kiln.

How to add soak or change temperature to a 3-Button Bartlett Control or Custom Programs in the ONe-Touch Control during a firing

Add Time to Hold Period

Available only during a hold period. This option allows you to add time in 5 minute increments to a hold (soak) period.

How to fix PF, E- P, E-P, ErrP Error

  1. The ErrP (PF, E- P, E-P in some older models) comes from a reset of the processor during a firing.

How do you program a controlled cool down in the DynaTrol or One-Touch control?

A customer asks: I would like to program my kiln to heat to Cone 6 then cool normally to 950°F and then hold for one hour at 950°F and then cool naturally.

One-Touch™ Control Program Calculator

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This Excel spreadsheet calculates the times and graphs the result of any Standard Program based on a Cone that you input into the One-Touch™ Control. There is a separate worksheet for Degrees F and Degrees C.
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Checking a Relay in an L&L Automatic Kiln (Video)

Repair & Diagnose Power
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How to change the typical relay in an Easy-Fire or School-Master Kilns (also useful for other automatic kilns)