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How to fire very precisely using witness cones

Automatic kilns and even manual kilns shut off by the use of cones are never as accurate as the human eye. 99.999% of time this is fine.

Should I use the Fast Glaze or Slow Glaze or Fast Bisque or Slow Bisque?

When in doubt it is almost always better to fire slower than faster.

A slower firing allows for more time for water vapor, fumes and gasses to escape from the body of the clay body.

How do I fix pinholes and blistering in glazing?

The first thing to check is to make sure you are not putting on too thick a layer of glaze.

How do I find out what the final temperature reached in a program on a DynaTrol?

After your kiln has fired press the REVIEW PROGRAM button.

Thermocouple Offset Setting and Cone Offset Setting

What they are, how to find them, and when to use which setting.

E-4, E- 4, or Err4 error code: What it means, when you might see it, and what to do about it.

Specifically this error code means that during a cooling segment in the programmed firing, one of the thermocouple temperatures is more than 50 degrees above the set point for longer than 1

Why does L&L's Easy-Fire e28T-3 3-phase kiln have a maximum cone of 10, while some other popular brands have a maximum cone of only 8?

On the Easy-Fire e28T-3 kiln (and School-Master SM28T-3) you will find the cone rating is limited by the KW of the kiln.

Fire Kiln with Cones

  1. On the next firing make up "cone packs" for each thermocouple.
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