Thermocouple Protection Tubes

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Longer Thermocouple Life

Thermocouple with protection tube
Thermocouple tip is protected


  • The mullite protection tube keeps the metal oxides of the thermocouple tip from dropping off and contaminating your work.
  • This is particularly important for porcelain work.


Protect from loading Damage

Save Money on Thermocouple Replacement

  • One major advantage of these protection tubes is that you can replace your old thermocouples with inexpensive standard 8 gauge thermocouples without changing the protection tube.
  • Protection tubes rarely need replacing.
  • The tubes protect the end of the thermocouple form damage while loading.

Thermocouple Offset

  • A thermocouple in a protection tube does have a delayed response and hence an offset needs to be programmed into the control. (Exposed Type K, small-diameter Type S thermocouples, or metallic sheathed thermocouples are more sensitive and need no such offset).
  • However, our test indicated that every thermocouple measured slightly different temperatures anyway. The DynaTrol control has thermocouple offset and cone offset to allow you to compensate for any such effects. The One-Touch™ control has thermocouple offset.
  • For ceramic work we recommend calibrating the kiln performance with cones and adjusting the control to match the performance of the firing cones. The most important thing is to get a consistent reading from the thermocouples.

Size and Description

  • The protection tubes are 3/4” in outside diameter with a 1/2” inside diameter (which accommodates the standard 8 gauge Type K thermocouple).
  • There is a flange on the back end of the thermocouple to prevent it from going into the kiln.

Extra Images

Thermocouple Protection Tubes
Thermocouple Protection Tubes