Listed to UL499 Standard by MET

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certified and listed kiln models in all voltage & phase combinations

Kilns that are c-MET-us Listed (US and Canada)

  • Easy-Fire
  • Jupiter
  • DaVinci
  • School-Master
  • Liberty-Belle
  • The Vent-Sure kiln vent system is listed for use with all our listed kilns.

Kilns that are MET-us Listed (US Only)

  • Easy-Load
  • Hercules

kilns that are not listed Now but will be

  • Doll/Test Kilns
  • Easy-Fire XT Kilns
  • eQuad-Pro
  • JH Series Kilns
  • Fuego Kilns
  • eFL Series

The above kilns are designed with the UL499 standard in mind for eventual listing. All components such as fuses, fuse blocks, transformers, controls, etc., that would be in a UL499 listed kiln are UL listed. All wire sizes and component sizes are sized and selected according to UL499 and National Electrical Code Standards. Moreover these kilns do not differ substantially from our Easy-fire series of kilns, which are MET listed to UL499, except in power ratings and, in some models, size. 

Kilns that will not be listed to UL499 Standard

  • Jumbo Bell-Lift Kilns
  • Note: This is a specialty industrial grade kiln that is impractical to have listed.

    is certification to uL499 standard required?

    • The ultimate authority for this is a local authority such as a local code official.
    • Usually it is not a requirement but this does vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
    • If you are planning to buy a kiln that is not listed to UL499 standards you should check with your local code inspector to be certain.
    • Generally speaking this is only a requirement in public or institutional and sometimes industrial buildings.

    official statement

    • All Jupiter, Easy-Fire, School-Master, Liberty-Belle, and DaVinci (except the Model TB644754) are listed to UL 499 Standards for both the US and Canada by MET (An NRTL - Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory).
    • The Vent-Sure vent is listed in both the US and Canada for use with L&L listed kilns. UL 499, CSA C22.2, No. 122, CSA C22. Listing No E112742.
    • Easy-Load and Hercules kilns are listed to UL499 Standards in the US only. MET Listing No E112742.

    Click here to find out more about MET Laboratories.

    Are L&L Kilns CSA Listed?

    • Kilns that are c-MET-us listed are approved for use in Canada.
    • c-MET-us means that the kiln has been tested and certified to Canadian
      CSA standards by MET (which is a Nationally Recognized
      Testing Laboratory

      CSA is also one of these laboratories and they have their own specific mark.