Kilns for Ceramic Artists, Schools, Universities, Industry and More

Every customer is different but there are some common themes, issues and recommendations that these groupings can help with. See what helps other people like yourself.

Clay is recognized as one of the most important teaching media for children to learn creative skills. L&L has recognized the unique requirements of the majority of schools which are front-end simplicity and durability to keep your program going when budgets are stretched.
Architects are entrusted with designing an art room and selecting the equipment. L&L Kilns is committed to helping you make the right choices for your clients.
The advanced needs of both students and teachers in a University art department make L&L kilns a logical choice for the electric kiln needs.
Community Art Centers are places where ceramic artists of all ages are able to express, learn and socialize with other like-minded people. Reliable studio ceramic kilns are a critical part of the program.
Contemporary Studios bring the traditional art of decorating clay for fun, entertainment and practical use. The needs of Studios are simple but kiln durability is a business necessity.
Working with clay as a hobby is one of the great joys of life. If you can fire your work immediately in your own kiln you have more control and immediate pleasure. Paying a little more for a high quality kiln is worth it in better results, higher satisfaction, and less trouble. Our instruction manual alone is like an education in ceramics.
Ceramic art can have simple or complex kiln firing needs depending on the artist. An artist needs to protect their tremendous investment of time with reliable equipment.
Production potters make their livings with their hands and their kilns. Durability, temperature uniformity, and reliable temperature control are essential to success in firing and maintaining a kiln.
Ceramic sculpture has its own unique kiln requirements. Ease of loading and slow firing speeds are critical.
Glass artists need clean, even, carefully controlled firing. L&L has a growing number of kilns to accommodate glass artists.
L&L sells kilns worldwide. Our excellent support systems and durable kilns make L&L one of the truly international kiln brands. We are experienced in international shipping. We specialize in relatively inexpensive production and industrial kilns that are particularly competitive in the world market.
L&L kilns are used as ovens, furnaces, kilns and heaters in many industries including advanced ceramics, aerospace ceramics, piezo ceramics, optical glass, heating processes, preheat for welding, sintering, binder burn-out, annealing, stress relieving, calcining, and steel heat treating
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